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"incredibly talented" - Memoryhouse (Sub Pop)

"aus combines rich in detail,sensibly constructed arrangements with wonderful melodies that evoke feelings of melancholy and optimism at the same time" - Ulrich Schnauss

"consistently enthralling artist" - Boomkat

"...Sehr fein und noch viel leiser" - Thaddi Herrmann, De:Bug

"a supremely good electronic artist" - smallfish

"I can't imagine another artist that blends modern edginess with sweetness and effective song-y-ness in that Japanese way as well. Its kind of an update on the delicate balance reached on Nobukazu Takemura's very first Child's View album." - other music

"Yasuhiko Fukuzono is one of Japans most impressive young artists. Yes, I copied that from the press release. And why shouldn’t I? It’s the truth." - tokafi

"all just beautiful painted like a delicate watercolour of sunlight playing on a sea scape,with all the grace of spring blossom fall." - musique machine

"Popmusic? Sure. Ambient? Why not? Technoish? Also. Dreampop?…Music for a modern living room." - vital weekly


aus is the talented Yasuhiko Fukuzono from Tokyo, Japan. He started his journey in the world of music at the age of 4, when his family sent him to attend piano classes. Years later, naturally, He began to compose simple electronic music using a keyboard when he was 13 years old. It was in this four years of toying with a keyboard and a tape recorder, that opened up a whole new dimension in his world of music making.

In 2006, this prolific young musician, who is also a graduate majoring in educational psychology, already has 4 gorgeous albums under his belt − one released by Music Related in N.Y. and the latest by preco from Japan. the album called Lang became a huge hit throughout Japan.
the Lang remix album gathered many popular musicians like ulrich schnauss, manual, joshua eustis (telefon tel aviv), kettel, isan, bracken, dosh, epic45, the remote viewer and state river widening.
His first worldwide release is Curveland (2007) from moteer. The music video of the track "With Rain" (included in the album) made by Takafumi Tsuchiya was nominated in the music video category at the world famous visual festival Aurora 2007 among BECK, Zero7 and Subtle. After All is his 4th album from his own label flau, following the highly acclaimed Curveland. All the tracks are brand new based on the songs he made when he was a teenager. The album is featuring great guest artists from around the world such as Craig Tattersall (aka The Remote Viewer / The Boats), Lindsay Anderson (L'altra), Sylvain Cheauveau, Andreas Berger (glim), Cokiyu, Geskia, mondii and Yukiko Okamoto.
His newest release, the compilation is Light in August, Later from someone good of australian label.

aus has performed live since 2004, including sets at SonarSound Tokyo, Summer Sonic Festival, De La Fantasia Festival, Electronic Tribe along with many international artists such as François K, Haruomi Hosono (YMO/Sketch Show), Chaterhouse, Ulrich Schnauss, AGF, Daedelus, Luke Abbott, James Blackshaw, Helios, Xela, Goth-Trad, Tujiko Noriko, Vampillia and collaboration with Sylvain Chauveau (FatCat/Type), Clara Hill (Sonar Kollectiv), Lindsay Anderson (aka L'Altra) etc.Recently, aus co-founded post-pop ensemble with Gutevolk and itoken(D.V.D.).

He loves to re-discover and re-invent the nature of the sounds around him, over and over again. "It gives birth to new nature by changing the nature" quoted by this quirky composer.
Acquiring his inspirations from all over the places - images that his mind captured from movies, words that he stumbled upon, pieces of music that drop out from TV and radio, nomadic dreams, long lost memories and indescribable inner feelings - Fukuzono writes music that illustrate the detailed movements of life. and quite often, he illustrates, with his subtle music skills, in films too.

Since 1998, he has been composing music for the films and short movies made by Takafumi Tsuchiya, who is also the visual support for aus's performances and the co-producer for some of aus's works. So far, he has crafted some of his most beautiful compositions for the 6 films and short movies shot by Takafumi Tsuchiya.
"It's Tomorrow Already" is one such example.Find this short film at dotmov festival 2006 and European Media Art Festival. aus was also making a soundtrack for video artist Iris Piers.

Yasuhiko Fukuzono is also the owner of a record label flau in Tokyo. flau has released many artists including Colophon (aka Jefre Cantu Ledesma), Cuushe, Sylvain Chauveau, Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, The Boats, Orla Wren, Cokiyu, Masayoshi Fujita (El Fog) as well as a compilation featuring Hauschka, Peter Broderick, Kira Kira, F.S.Blumm, Hood (Domino), Sun Glitters, etc. and he organized Japan Tour/Tokyo shows for Grouper, Sharon Van Etten, James Blackshaw, Pascal Pinon, Masha Qrella and many more…
flau selected as one of the NEW SOUNDS OF BEST LABELS for 2013 by The FADER Magazine.

With new album scheduled to be released in 2013, Yasuhiko Fukuzono a.k.a. aus's exquisite journey of delicate and imaginative sounds, continues...